Philosophy is an easy topic for us to discuss; we want to treat people right.  We offer solutions at good prices, implement those solutions, and see your business succeed.

Have you ever worked at a large organization where there are tons of help desk guys?  You get dispatched one guy, you hope he knows what he’s doing.  He schedules the appointment, shows up 30 minutes late, tells you to move, and makes you feel dumb the whole time he’s there.  We’re the opposite.  We care about people – we want to talk to you, explain whats going on and why, fix the issue, follow up on the issue.  We’re on time, professional, and we’re “Live” – not just over the phone.

We are a business too, and we understand how you run and where your profits come from.  Technology should facilitate getting work done faster; Not create a barrier to productivity.  For example, CPA firms?  CPA firms have crazy hours during tax season, and scale back during off season.  We cater to those needs when you need them.  Machine shops?  You’re not producing widgets if your not able to run your machines and take the orders.  Real Estate company?  How are you scheduling showings if your e-mail is down?  We get it.

Remember, we’re in business too.  We want to assure your happiness, so we get called back for the next issue.

Technology consulting companies have some bad habits that we have seen over the years, and we’re out to break that mold.  Live Consulting was founded by, and is still run by engineers.  Our philosophy isn’t that sales should be our drumming up leads, and selling whatever the product of the day is.  We want to talk to our customers, understand the business needs, understand the business use case, and turn that into a solution.  That solution will be custom and catered for your business needs.  Our engineers tell our sales staff what the requirements are and sales handles the pricing, ordering and communication.  Additionally we don’t want to lock your passwords and accounts from you.  These are YOUR accounts; you should own them.  We’ll just help you administer them, and not jail you from your information, or jail you into one person or firm for tech needs.

Denver Tech Company - Live Consulting