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Nick Nyberg – Senior Systems Engineer

Nick has been fascinated with computers since his hands could reach the keyboard. A fact everyone seems to know and because of this they constantly ask him to fix their computer problems. Nick has never met a person he couldn’t talk to…an easy guy to get along and laugh with. Nick will try most anything at least once (or twice depending on his A.D.D.). Nick’s passion is truly servers and networks, and helping businesses manage them.  Nick Studied at CU, and has worked at Fortune 100 companies like HP, and Cisco.

Tony Miller – Senior Systems Engineer

Tony, as a computer guy? Really? This is not the sort of thing anyone would have thought if they knew Tony 15 years ago. Little did he know that he would actually be good at working with networks and love working on computers. A people person first, and a network engineer second; Tony is easy to work with and views computers as a tool to help businesses accomplish tasks efficiently.  He keeps busy with a family of girls, two dogs, and expensive haircuts.

Matt Duntsch – Business Development

Matt welcomes the challenges of growing Live Consulting’s market share in Denver, and his shoe collection.  Matt has a shoe fetish and the closet to show for it.  His upbeat personality and love for life is contagious. In his spare time he appreciates a good cup of coffee while watching English Premier League matches with his kids. His wife, a Colorado native, enjoys all the benefits of being married to a “not-nerd”.  The problem is they rarely leave the house.  Why?  Good question. Matt can never decide what pair of shoes to wear!

Colten Peak – Network Engineer

Colten learned to embrace the value of small business at an early age from his father who, himself, owned two small businesses. His first IT position in high school was for a small IT firm that provided similar IT assistance to small business in his hometown in the panhandle of Texas.  Colten came to Denver to earn his bachelor’s degree in saxophone performance which was and continues to be supported by his passion and employment in the IT arena.  He has achieved recognition and certification by several leaders in IT including Cisco and Microsoft.  He is recently married to his lovely wife Marinda, and his iPad.  Colten spend his entire salary on In-App purchases and lives in a box, but his iPad and Apple are very happy customers.

Aaron Campbell – Network Engineer

Aaron is an accomplished systems administrator and information services department manager, developer and SQL genius.    If you can get him to talk to you you’ll learn that the Blue Bonnet Café at 457 S Broadway is his favorite restaurant, he’s a family man, and on the weekends is a street performing pop and lock dancer, and has guest starred on “So You Think You Can Dance.”

Jason Farmer – Network Technician

Jason is from New Orleans; we try not to hold it against him.  Jason loves working with the customers at Live Consulting and helping them get their jobs done by making sure their computers hum.  When he isn’t working, he likes to watch Bob Ross videos and play golf, very poorly.

PattiJo Jeffers – Office Administrator

Patti Jo insisted that I let her write her own profile, so this one is all on her.

Y’ll thinks its funny to have to a southern girl workin round here.  I tell you what, there’s nuthen like those southern girls when it comes to runnin yur office.  Ain’t nobody gonna run this office better that me!  My momma always said I’d be suthim when I grew up, and here I am!  I run this place.  Nick and Tony rely on me.  I get it dun.

Kyle Moore – Business Development

Kyle was born and raised in Vail, Colorado where his ski bum parents taught him to ski just after he could walk. Kyle is passionate about small business and a few years after graduating from the University of Denver, he joined up with Live Consulting. Kyle is a family man and loves people, but maintains that there are “no friends on a powder day”.

Adam Feldmen – Network Technician

Adam was born to a pack of wild animals, raised in Africa, and came to Denver to work with servers and networks at Live Consulting.  Adam recently started speaking English, but is an amazing technician who seems to have no problems speaking when it comes to something he truly loves.  Adam is a published author of 4 instructions manuals on printers and scanners.

Dave Axtell – Network Technician

Dave is our newest member, or as some people like to call him: “Hey You.”  Dave is a world traveler, and has seen cities like Longmont, and Colorado Springs.  Ask him, he has pictures!  Dave’s hobbies include rubix cubes, brain teasers, juggling, street performing, magic, and celebrity impersonating.

Jeremy Kaplan – Business Development

Jeremy grew up working in the family business of arranging flowers.  Flowers are Jeremy’s past time.  Jeremy is a full time negotiator and recently convinced management at Live Consulting to wallpaper the whole office with Lilies and Orchids.    Jeremy is passionate about flowers, flower related things, and helping grow Live Consulting…. you guessed it, like a flower.

Justin Leopold – Network Technician

Justin, an adopted orphan left at a fire station was raised by firemen.  Justin learned slang, weight lifting, and all about dalmatians.  He knew this wasn’t where he was meant to be.  Justin spent time in the Arctic soul searching but he wasn’t religious by any means.  He was actually searching for Seoul Korea;  Silly guy!  When back in the US, Justin studied WiFi and rock climbing.  His goal is to be the first to set up a wireless access point at the top of Mt. Everest.  Go Justin!

Kevin Hammer – Network Engineer

Kevin is a pediatric doctor, who realized too late in life he actually doesn’t like children.  After returning from spending time in a Mexican jail after too many nights in Tijuana selling roses to tourists, Kevin turned his life around.  Kevin traded the bottles of formula in for servers and firewalls. We can’t say that Kevin is happy, but he’s celebrating his 10 year anniversary out of jail, and we’re proud to have him.  We just can’t have flowers in the office or Kevin has flashbacks.

Robert Heckman – Network Technician

Bio coming soon!

Ammon Lane-Ramsey – Network Technician

Bio coming soon!

Justin Floyd – Sr. Linux Administrator

Justin hails from South Carolina.  After leaving the PGA tour after getting turf toe, Justin started hacking Starbucks Wi-Fi Networks, and reprogramming them to say “Einsteins” – rebel he is!  Justin is our in house Linux genius, golf specialist, and ice cream aficionado.

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