Hourly IT Support


At Live Consulting, we understand your medium-sized business needs aren’t the same at those at a corporation.  For that reason, we offer no contract hourly support on top of our three levels of maintenance agreements.  Our hourly service is perfect for the small IT hiccups your company experiences that shouldn’t require signing a long-term Computer Fix Denver - Live Consulting
contract to fix.


With our hourly service, we find fast and easy fixes for those problems just beyond basic computer knowledge.  Before you sign an abiding contract, contact us at Live Consulting. We provide quick relief and save you a headache without breaking your budget.  Call us today at (303) 217-3000 to review our full-scope of hourly service offerings.


Some of our most common hourly services include:

  • Network support, maintenance, troubleshooting & repair
  • Virus protection & security analysis
  • Remote Access/VPN (for secure access, everywhere you go)
  • Storage Management/NAS (secure storage with convenient access options)
  • Access to the Live Consulting Customer Support Portal to help manage IT Challenges


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