IT Consulting Denver

Small Business Consulting

Maybe what you need is someone who isn’t there all the time, but someone who is just there to supplement your team on one specific project. Maybe all you need is one thing, and then you want to move on – and we’re okay with that.


Maybe you have someone on your team who can handle the hosting and spam filtering, and someone who can manage enough to take care of the network and firewall configuration; Maybe all you really need is a little extra help when it comes to that last piece of the puzzle.


Let us help you find the solution to power your small business. Get expert advice on all your business’s IT needs from types of small business software to computer maintenance and managed services. Even if it’s something a little more involved, like a website redesign, we’re able to do those types of projects too. Let’s get together and talk about what you need and then we’ll worry about price. Our initial consultation is always free of charge. Call us today at (303) 217-3000 or contact our IT Consultants online to get started.


Our most common consulting services include:

  • Website Design
  • Office Setup
  • Internet/Phone Services
  • Traffic Utilization Reporting
  • Server Sizing and Migration Consulting
  • Desktop Evaluation, Replacement Planning and Specification
  • Security Review
  • Network Design
  • Cabling
  • Internet Review and Connection Consulting
  • Server Consolidating
  • Application Planning/Consulting/Installation


IT Consulting Denver CO