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Hardware and software are unavoidable when running a business. You can’t really manage without it in most business environments, but it’s a real time-killer to figure out which type of server you need or how to make that little security notification stop appearing every time you try to use the internet.

We already have all the experience with setting up new computers, installing all the software and making things run. Let us handle everything that runs in the background. You know, those things you don’t notice until they are broken. When that happens, let us be the ones you call to come fix it. When we get there, you’ll see us click, click, click and fix it so fast you’ll be glad you made the choice to call Live Consulting.

Whether you need us to come install everything, or just want a brief consultation on how to choose a server, that’s what we’re here for. Think of the questions you’d ask your IT guy down the hall, if you had one – then ask us instead. We’ll help you make those key decisions, and then help you implement them. Call us at (303) 217-3000 and schedule a time for us to come by your office for a free assessment of what you may need.

For further help in keeping your software up-to-date, we offer three great maintenance agreements to choose from. Whether you need us once every six months or every week, Live Consulting has you covered!

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