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An engaging and effective way to keep your business safe from breaches that can cost you time, money, and client trust.
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We didn't set out to be different when we started Live Consulting, we just set out to help people.

We offer enterprise level solutions to small and midsized companies to help them solve their technology issue, plan for future innovation, and increase the overall security of their organization all of which increases the productivity of their employees.

What To Expect

1. We Focus On You.

We are all about quick response times. For every minute, hour and day of downtime or inefficiency a business experiences, it equates to real dollars lost. We understand that and have built our business around preventing, mitigating, and responding quickly to network issues.

2. We Are Security Minded.

A lot of businesses are missing the boat on how to protect their data, their employees, and their clients. because their IT expert isn't proactively pointing them in the right direction. We pride ourselves on equipping our clients with the information and knowledge to make the best decisions on how to protect their data.

3. We Respond.

We focus on YOUR business and how we can implement and harness technology that makes you more successful. It's not just about getting you the latest and greatest. We take the time to understand your business, your processes, your goals and then plug in the appropriate technology to make those things more efficient.

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It's All Included

Live Desk Access

The LIVE Desk is our improved take on the typical IT Help Desk. Our LIVE Desk is staffed with local admins that can help with simple things like a password reset, all the way up to a failed server.

Unlimited Network Support

All the support your network needs is included in your monthly contract. Some months, your network may need more attention than others. With our Pro plan, its all covered.

Dedicated Team

We assemble a team of either 3 or 4 "business-grade nerds" that are specifically dedicated to your network. Each customer has a dedicated LIVE engineer, one or two dedicated LIVE Admins, and a LIVE Technology Manager.

Emergency Response

When technology does not work as it is intended, our customers can expect a guaranteed response time to get business up and running quickly. When an emergency strikes, we prioritize and make your problem our top priority.

Onsite Visits

Our dedicated admins and engineers visit customers at their location. LIVE is in our name and we believe in the value of having an actual person on-hand to take care your IT needs.

Free Onsite Support

While a large majority of IT issues can be solved remotely, there are some that require a LIVE admin or engineer to help, in person. No matter how often you need someone on-site, it's covered in your agreement!

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We started Live Consulting in 2004 with an oh-so-simple goal of providing small- and medium-sized businesses with the same level of service as a corporate empire, only with less computer speak.

We're pretty good at it too. In fact, others say so!

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