Data Backup and Recovery

Your data is invaluable- let’s protect it

With the rise of particularly aggressive ransomware  that can hold business data hostage until a ransom is paid, as well as the growing importance of securing digital data from other forms of breaches, off-site backups are a crucial element of your business’ continuity.

After evaluating costs and demands, our engineers work closely with you to:

– Determine how often backups of your data should occur.

– How long it should realistically take to restore your data when in need. 

– What exact data should your business be backing up.

Calculator_Icon-1Use our Downtime Calculator  to see how downtime is negatively affects and costs your business.


Off-site backups allow your company to pick back-up where you left off before a hack or natural disaster occurred. Threats and other malware can encrypt or even destroy valuable information – putting your network at the mercy of cybercriminals- but only if that data is stored in one place.  LIVE Consulting  duplicates your data, securely sends it to a separate off-site location, and restores that data when in need.


Think of it this way: Cyber information is just a digital representation of the age-old, loose-leaf business data notebook. If you left that notebook, with all of your business’s important information, on your desk in the office one night and your office suffered from a fire, all your information would be lost. However, if you took that notebook home each night, storing it away from threats, your important notebook of information would be kept safe.

We work intimately with your individual business needs and disaster recovery goals to determine how often data should be saved off-site, and how long it would take to restore that data.

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