We’re Law Firm IT Pros

LIVE Consulting provides managed law firm IT services to attorneys in the Denver, Colorado area. We may be tech wizards, but that doesn’t mean we don’t understand the importance of file security, expedience, and your clients’ protection. We know how to partner with you to keep your law firm’s IT systems running efficiently and effectively — every day.


We’re not your typical IT guys. We will come in and crush your finance IT problems, provide ongoing support, and then go have a beer with you after work.

Team Based

Nobody here flies solo. We set you up for success by assigning a TEAM of skilled techs to help with providing support and solutions to your financial organization.


Our clients know that they can count on us to provide timely support and efficient financial IT solutions. Not just once, but each and every time we’re needed.


We shoot straight with our clients and don’t try to sell them on what they don’t need. If a small system is what we think is best for your financial organization, that’s what we’ll recommend.

Law Firm Software Integration

We help numerous clients understand the legal management software they need to make their law firms run smoothly. Chances are, if you have it in your office, we have experience working with it on a daily basis.

Data Protection

As a law firm, you are entrusted with highly sensitive information about your clients as a course of business. Protecting your clients’ information is our highest priority. That’s why we provide all our legal clients with data protection and web security as part of our Denver law firm IT services.


  • Off-site vs on-site backups
  • Disaster recovery
  • Web security
  • Next generation firewall
  • Breach prevention

Network Infrastructure

We know that the way your network works is vital for the daily function of your law firm. If you have large amounts of data that needs to be transferred, moved and easily accessed, we can help you do that so the most efficient manner possible.


  • Group policy
  • Database structure
  • Data security
  • Data storage
  • Remote access

What to Expect

1Our Focus Is on You

Too many IT experts act like gatekeepers instead of problem solvers. Not us. Our focus is on YOU. Our goal is to help you harness technology so your law firm can become more efficient and more successful.

It’s not just about getting you the best technology available. We take the time to understand your processes, your goals, and your challenges. Then, we plug in the technology that’s best-suited for your needs.

2We Are Security Minded

As a law firm, your data security is of the utmost importance. To protect your data, your staff, and your clients, you need a team of IT experts who proactively point you in the right direction when it comes to security.

We pride ourselves on equipping our legal clients with the tools they need to keep their data secure and make smart security decisions.

3We Respond Quickly

As a law firm IT provider, we know that inefficiencies and downtime lead to real dollar costs for your law firm. That’s why preventing, mitigating, and responding quickly to network issues are at the core of our business.

Your time is valuable. You can’t afford to wait on hold when there’s an outage. When you work with us, you can expect quick response times and timely solutions.

What Clients are Saying

We have worked with Live Consulting for the past five years as a customer and we have moved three times in that cycle. The team has always delivered, followed through and made our transitions very very smooth all while managing our day to day IT operations.

– Orlin Camerlo, Client


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Tired of letting IT issues run your business? We’re here to help. Don’t worry, we leave our IT jargon at the office because we know you’re not an IT techy, that’s why you called us.