Free On-site

An engaging and effective way to keep your business safe from breaches that can cost you time, money, and client trust.

Our expert trainers will come to your office to teach your staff about cyber threats and how to protect your business for FREE!

*for companies in and around the Denver metro region only

Protect What You’ve Built Through Employee Education:

Every business has unique vulnerabilities, but they all have one in common… their employees!

Our experts will educate your staff on the today’s critical risks so they can avoid making the mistakes that can cause serious damage.

This presentation will teach your team how to:

  • Identify and avoid Phishing scams, financial fraud, and other dangerous email attacks
  • Keep criminals from using social media sharing to exploit your business
  • Create passwords that can resist brute force hacks
  • Avoid “drive by” hack attempts and compromised interfaces
  • Prepare for and minimize data loss and downtime to combat Ransomware

*for companies in and around the Denver metro region only

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