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What is a Firewall? (With Analogies and Pictures!)

While a firewall is a specific appliance, most of what any SMB has is more like...
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You Really Should Not Ignore Computer Updates

I often hear the question, “Why fix what isn’t broken?” This is usually asked...
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The Snipping Tool - Easy Screenshot Capturing

    The snipping tool allows you to quickly capture a specific clip- it is...
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Windows 10 Shortcut Guide

Windows 10 has a lot of useful keyboard shortcuts available. There are several...
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Bean bag Confessionals: Tony Miller- Co-Founder

April 03, 2017 no Comments in Employee Spotlight
Tony co-founded LIVE Consulting with Nick Nyberg in 2004. In this episode of...
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Outsourced IT Providers: Apples to Apples

March 29, 2017 no Comments
Comparing two Managed Service Providers (MSP’s) can be a tough task. Every line...
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