3 Things Your Employees Are Doing That Put Your Business At Risk

May 10, 2018IT Managed Services, Small Business and Entrepreneurship, Small Business Security

Are Your Employees an IT Security Threat?

Your employees are in the trenches when it comes to getting a job done. They are the front line. The first line of defense when it comes to the company.  And they are human. We are all human and mistakes happen, but some mistakes can be avoided…especially when it comes to IT security.

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Here are 3 IT security vulnerabilities that your employees might be doing that could drown your company in a legal battle, or worse…

#1 BYOD – Not Always a Good Idea

Over 50% of all employers require employees to bring their own device (BYOD) to work and use it for work functions like emailing and file sharing.  Bringing an ‘unlocked’, ‘rooted’, or ‘jailbroken’ cell phone to the office and connecting it to the network is the easiest way for a hacker to gain access to your network and sensitive business information.  

Applications that are generally installed on Android and iOS devices are vetted by Google and Apple. However, when a phone is unlocked, any third party can write applications for the devices and prey on networks when connected.

#2 Gone Phishing

Gone Phishing…and we’re not talking about fishing on one our state’s award winning streams. The phishing we are referring to is an attempt to get a user to provide confidential information such as personal data, passwords or other helpful information for an exploit.  

In addition to phishing, there is also whaling…

Phishing scams are some of the easiest for a hacker to pull off, with some of the biggest rewards. In IT, we can’t block all the emails, phone calls and malicious links. We must rely on user education. Users (aka your employees) are the weakest link in your network. You must train them, and continue to educate them. Local IT support providers (like LIVE Consulting) can help when it comes to training. Talk to your team and get educated!

There are many IT security educational topics we could discuss. In fact, we already have discussed a few:

Your Biggest Security Threat? Your Employees!

#3 – I Didn’t Lose Anything

Fear of repercussions about reporting lost devices is a huge IT security risk for your business. Employees fail to report lost devices to the IT department more than you would think.

According to a Kaspersky IT security report, 19% of people have lost their devices with corporate data on them, and 38% of people said it was more than 2 days before they reported it to the IT staff.  9% said over 5 days! Ahhh!

Maybe employees should get rewarded for reporting rather than punished. Regardless, talk to your employees about the risk.  Make sure that ALL devices have strong passwords in place. Here’s some tips on creating strong passwords. Even better, lock all the important information behind two factor authentication.

How to Help Your Employees Not Make IT Security Mistakes

Educate your employees. They might not realize that their actions can pose a security risk to the company, and could threaten your security, your company, your data, your customers and ultimately your livelihood!

Need help educating your employees? Check out LIVE Consulting’s FREE IT Security Employee Training Programs. 

Your Biggest Security Threat? Your Employees!



Nick Nyberg

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