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Ammon Lane-Ramsey

Born and raised a southern boy in North Carolina, Ammon moved away in his mid twenties for school and now calls Colorado his home. He loves spending time his family, tinkering with technology, and being outdoors.

Recent Posts

Email Filtering

March 02, 2018 in Small Business Security
Email filtering, otherwise known as Spam filtering, is crucial for anyone who...
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Web Content Filtering: Increasing Security and Productivity

December 05, 2017 in Small Business Security
You're here because you've got concerns with either security and/or...
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Want To Take Security More Seriously? Here's Where to Start.

August 29, 2017 in Small Business Security
Malware, ransomware, trojan horse, key stroke logger, spyware, brute force...
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Things Your Provider Should Consider When Migrating to Office 365

February 09, 2017
Office 365 has become one of the top email providers, especially for small...
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Improve Communication With Your IT Provider- Common IT Terms Explained

Technical terms and jargon can be intimidating when you don’t understand what...
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Virtual Servers Explained, Simply

May 31, 2016 in Hardware and Software
The definition of virtual as stated by Merriam-Webster is, “very close to being...
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