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Justin Sanabria

Justin is a LIVE Administrator. After earning his knowledge and experience in the IT world for a year and a half, Justin began working at Live Consulting. When he’s not crushing IT for Denver small businesses, he snowboarding and concert-going throughout Colorado and beyond.

Recent Posts

Bean Bag Confessional: Justin Sanabria: LIVE Engineer

December 08, 2017 in Employee Spotlight
Justin works as an engineer at LIVE Consulting. His clients love how personable...
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New Employee Tech Essentials

Imagine starting your first day as a new employee. Your workspace is set up,...
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Do Not Buy A Computer Until You Understand These Basics

July 20, 2016 in Hardware and Software
Finding the right laptop or desktop computer can be quite the challenge if you...
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4 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Upgrading to Windows 10

April 26, 2016
By now we have all encountered the persevering Windows 10 update notification...
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