Can You Afford Not to Have a Dedicated IT Team?

Aug 28, 2018Downtime and Business Continuity, IT Managed Services

Cloud, big data, AI, mobile technologies, cyber security, the internet of things (IoT) — more and more businesses are adopting the latest technologies to increase efficiency, boost productivity, safeguard their networks against attackers, and fundamentally change the way they deliver value to their customers.

Many businesses have gotten by with minimal IT support in the past. But if you’re preparing your business or organization for the next phase of technology, you can no longer afford to not have a dedicated IT team.

How a Dedicated IT Team Can Help

When something goes wrong with your technology, such as a network outage or even a cyber attack, it isn’t just an inconvenience. It equates to a real dollar cost for your business and can have severe consequences for both your image and your retention of customers.

Having a dedicated IT staff is critical to maintain business continuity in the digital age. However, it can get expensive to hire all the necessary employees and pay the associated overhead costs for an in-house IT team. That’s why more and more businesses are choosing managed IT service providers instead.

With an outsourced IT team, you get dedicated IT support and immediate access to a team of experts without the need to provide training or cover other overhead costs. If you choose a managed IT services provider like Live Consulting, you will get a dedicated team that can provide all of the technology planning, proactive maintenance and overall support you need.

Managing and Maintaining Devices

As you continue to onboard new technology, you don’t just need a team of experts to help you maintain it. Just keeping track of all your technology can be a chore.

For example, keeping your software up-to-date doesn’t just ensure you have the latest and most effective versions of your products. Software patches protect your system against known vulnerabilities and must be updated regularly to keep your systems secure. Keeping track of patches can be difficult when you’re using lots of software products, but an outsourced IT team can do it for you.

Your employees may also need access to numerous devices, some of which they may carry off premises when travelling or working remotely. A dedicated IT support team can keep track of company hardware, network access credentials, and other tech essentials so you don’t have to.

Keeping Data Secure

As cyber attacks continue to increase year after year, keeping data secure is a now full-time job. Hackers use bots and other malicious programs to mount constant attacks, searching for vulnerabilities in your network. The fewer tools you have in place to defend yourself, the more likely hackers are to breach.

Not only does your business need multiple layers of security, such as next-generation firewall and content filtering, you need a dedicated security team to detect and prevent cyber attacks. An outsourced IT team can provide you with 24/7 network monitoring, including automated responses and course-corrections when suspicious activity is detected.

Preparing for Disasters

When your technology is working smoothly, it is a great time to do technology planning. A dedicated IT team can help build out your technology plan, ensure you backup all your data and implement updates, as needed. They will also help you establish a disaster recovery strategy so you can maintain business continuity if the worst happens. Then if your network is breached, your IT team will spring your recovery plan into action.

Integrating New Technology

As new software, hardware, and transformative technologies continue to enter the market, you’ll want to integrate them to stay competitive and deliver more value to your customers. Onboarding new technology can be difficult without a dedicated IT team in place. Your IT team can help you align your new technology with your business priorities, offer training to your employees, and ensure there is a smooth transition from older technologies.

These days, you can’t afford not to have a dedicated IT team, but that doesn’t mean you need to hire an entire IT department in-house to keep up with the latest technology. Using a managed services provider, you can get all the benefits of an in-house IT team at a fraction of the cost.

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