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Aug 31, 2017LIVE Consulting Culture and Processes

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If someone only reads one question on this blog, what is the one thing you wish you could communicate to any Denver business leader or owner to help their company?

My advice is work with people that share the same energy, passion and visions as you do. Take care of your employees, customers and they will make the customer’s experience memorable, which will lead to more referral business.

What small business trends are you seeing in Colorado?

As companies grow, expand and implement more technology, they must stay ahead of the curve for technical requirements. The more they are proactive with meeting those requirements the more effective and efficient their technologies will be. All too often, businesses implement robust technical solutions that are held down because they don’t have the hardware or internet speeds required to run well.


Why are you passionate about helping Denver business?

I like to watch the passion that a business owner possesses to drive themselves to the next level. I love how they truly care about their customer’s experience.


How does your company benefit Denver businesses?

Comcast can help set up businesses for success and growth by offering stable and fast network access. Comcast has a diverse product set and as more and more technologies rely on a strong internet connection, that network access becomes mission critical!


What is a standard client for you? Do you have a niche target market?

We work with a wide variety of businesses. Our offering is well suited for multi- site businesses, or any business that can use bandwidth! We also offer voice and phone solutions!


What do you love about Denver?

I love how people talk to you not thru you. Denver is a genuine place to be! It is growing and businesses want to be here! Oh, and of course the weather!!!


If you had one day to do anything in Colorado and the conditions were perfect, what would you do?

I would drive up to the mountains, have lunch with my dog and see the beauty of this country right in my backyard!


Lori Frisher- Comcast Business Account Executive

84 Inverness Circle East

Englewood, CO | 80112

Office: 720-531-2637

Cell #917-710-8278


Kyle Moore

Kyle-Moore-Denver-IT-SupportKyle grew up in the thin air of a small Rocky Mountain town, which explains why he loves skiing, fishing, and biking. That oxygen deprivation also probably explains why he is so weird. Before LIVE Consulting, he worked as a shepherd in Australia, a missionary in Africa and ski patroller in Vail.

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