Employee Spotlight: Jay Poules

Sep 2, 2016Employee Spotlight


Jay began working here at LIVE in June 2016 as an Admin. Although he calls Colorado home now, Jay has lived in several interesting places over the years. Jay was born in Germany, as his father was in the Air Force. He started school in Topeka, Kansas, and mostly grew up in Ohio. He then later followed his father’s footsteps and joined the Air Force. He spent 3 years living in Maine while in the Air Force, and later took his first job out of the military in Detroit.

As an Admin, Jay is always there to provide on-site support for all of your IT needs. As great and experienced of an IT professional that he is, he is also equally as awesome as a person outside of work!

What do you do for fun?

I like to hike and camp. I have 2 dogs, one of them I take with me during hiking. I like to do cycling around town. I also ski and snowshoe. I like to read before I go to bed. I read mostly historical fiction. Another big hobby of mine is photography.

Here is Jay’s hiking buddy, Quinn, along the continental divide at Jones Pass.


Here is a picture Jay took at Pilot Peak along the Clarks Fork of the Yellowstone.


And here is one he took at Crazy Creek in Wyoming.


What TV show/movie are you ashamed to admit you love?

There’s a lot of stuff on the science channel I like. Like a lot of other people, I like ‘Breaking Bad’. ‘Orange is the New Black’ is another good show.

What is the best vacation you’ve taken and why?

2 years ago we took a trip to Maine. My wife’s sister and her husband have a little cottage right on the water, and they had an extra bed for a week! There was great seafood and it was relaxing listening to the waves crash.

What was the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever had?

Not really anything too unusual, I’ve been in IT in one form or another since leaving the Air Force.

If given a chance, who would you like to be for a day?

I would like to be an astronaut! It doesn’t have to be any particular one. Just the chance to go up in space, experience weightlessness, and to see our little home against the blackness of space would be incredible!

What do you enjoy most about IT?

I like the way the challenges are different every day. I like getting to know all kinds of people and helping them.

If your house was burning down, what’s the one non-living thing you would save?

It probably would be my computer, or at least the backup drive!

What is one of the top career lesson you’ve learned?

I think listening is probably the most important thing. Whether people are telling you about their IT problems, or even if they’re just talking about their personal life.

What does / will a typical work day look like for you?

It starts with a long commute from Castle Rock! Some days I start at a client site instead of stopping by the office first. There’s a lot of checking emails and just keeping up on the projects going on.

What are three words that describe LIVE Consulting?

Fun, energetic, and real.


Nabil Hourani

nabilhouraniNabil hails from the Dallas area of Texas. He relocated to Colorado after college to experience all the beauty and adventures the state has to offer. Nabil has a passion for technology, and loves being able to communicate with businesses about their IT needs. In his spare time, he enjoys camping in the majestic Colorado wilderness, fishing, and playing music.

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