How Denver IT Consulting Can Help You Achieve Digital Transformation

Sep 28, 2018IT Managed Services, Tech Tips and Industry News

The term “Digital Transformation” is getting thrown around a lot these days, but it’s much more than a catch phrase or the latest business jargon. Most businesses and organizations recognize that technology plays an important role in their success. However, achieving digital transformation goes beyond implementing the latest app or piece of efficiency software.

Digital transformation is the application of technology to fundamentally transform the way an organization functions at every level. It’s often used within the context of businesses, but it can apply almost anywhere technology may be relevant—governments, associations, nonprofits, societies, cultural institutions, etc.

Businesses and organizations in the Denver, Colorado area are some of the most innovative in the country, but everyone needs a little bit of help when it comes to digital transformation. Not only is it an elusive concept, it can be hard to pin down at the organizational level. If you’re having trouble implementing a digital strategy, you may want to rely on an experienced Denver IT consulting team to bring you up to speed.

Digital Strategy Consulting

If you’re just starting to explore how to deploy new digital technologies to make your organization more agile and competitive, your strategy may be somewhat haphazard. A documented strategy, combined with an achievable timeline, is necessary to reach both near-term and long-term goals.

An IT consulting firm can assess your current status, survey your industry, and build a roadmap for your organization to follow in the coming months and years. Since we’re talking about a complete transformation of your organization, this process is best taken incrementally. It could be that you need to restructure your organization or make major changes to processes to align with your long term goals.

Needless to say, major change often comes with major pushback. That’s why it’s important to work with an IT team that knows the ins and outs of the latest technology and, more importantly, how to teach and communicate with your team without using jargon.

Putting Digital Tools to Use

One of the main tenets of digital transformation is the wholehearted application of technology to revolutionize how your organization operates. Most organizations are already operating in digital space, but not all of them are using the technology they’ve invested in to its full potential. Many others have invested in the wrong technology or are unsure of where to start.

New digital tools should not merely be substitutions for tools you already use. Instead, they should dramatically change the way you operate. Digital tools can take the form of new software, new hardware, new communication tools, or even new ways of working such as having your employees work remotely or via mobile more often.

With an oversaturation of software and hardware in the marketplace, selecting the right tools for your organization is challenging enough. You may also need to learn how to use new technology and deploy it effectively. That’s where your IT consultant can step in to make the process easier. They’ll help you select the technology that’s best-suited for reaching your goals and integrate it into your organization as seamlessly as possible, providing insight along the way.

Most IT consultants are well-versed in the current technology on the market, like cloud technology, collaboration tools, and industry-specific software like architectural design tools and financial APIs. They also keep their eyes out for how to best integrate emerging technologies like AI, automation, and the internet of things (IoT), into their clients’ organizations.

Implement a Proactive IT Strategy

In the past, the IT department was mostly a reactive enterprise. When problems arose, IT experts were called in to fix the problem. Today, IT teams need to be proactive members of the businesses and organizations they serve, providing input during high-level strategy sessions and helping key stakeholders gain a comprehensive understanding of how technology can drive their organizations and streamline results.

A Denver IT consulting firm that stays current on the latest innovations can help your organization get ahead of the curve. If you’re tired playing catch-up and letting IT problems run your organization, contact us at LIVE Consulting today for a free consultation. We’ll do an assessment of the current status of your IT and help you build a road map for digital transformation.



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