Ransomware attack on Denver Business

Jan 11, 2017LIVE Consulting Culture and Processes, Small Business Security

“There’s no one method or tool that will completely protect you or your organization from a ransomware attack, but contingency and remediation planning is crucial to business recovery and continuity—and these plans should be tested regularly.” – James Trainor, FBI Cyber Division Assistant Director 

The FBI is right, there is no magic solution to securing small businesses. The nature of the threat is changing so rapidly that it would make your head spin. Not only are the types of ransomware growing, but so are the delivery methods. SPAM, USB’s planted outside businesses, links to resume’s on job boards, etc., and who’s to say what will be next. 

As a small business, this poses a major issue. If Fortune 100 enterprise-level companies can’t spend the dollars to protect themselves, how will yours?  And even if capital isn’t an issue, what method do you use? That is why Denver small businesses outsource their IT. A managed service provider should have a robust plan and methodology for protecting their clients. If you outsource your IT in Denver, you should know that methodology and know that you are protected. 

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To take it a step further, your IT provider should also have some skin in the game. The repercussions of your small business getting ransomware are significant. A recent study of ransomware in small businesses found that 63% of the time, ransomware lead to business-threatening downtime and 48% reported critical data loss as a result of an infection. 

At LIVE Consulting we believe that our clients are trusting their livelihoods with us when they choose to become our partners. That trust means we have to be on the front lines protecting them from ransomware. LIVE takes that responsibility so seriously, that we take on the financial responsibility of that protection. From a backup, to the firewall and even your endpoint security, we take on that fiscal responsibility so our clients can stay in business. 

If you’re a small business in Denver, and your outsourced IT provider doesn’t approach your network security with the same intensity,  find one that does! 


Kyle Moore

Kyle-Moore-Denver-IT-SupportKyle grew up in the thin air of a small Rocky Mountain town, which explains why he loves skiing, fishing, and biking. That oxygen deprivation also probably explains why he is so weird. Before LIVE Consulting, he worked as a shepherd in Australia, a missionary in Africa and ski patroller in Vail.

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