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Jul 29, 2016LIVE Consulting Culture and Processes

Here at LIVE we want to be far more than your standard break/fix reactive IT company. We strive to build relationships with our clients while proactively helping our partners. To bring this mission along even further, we created the LIVE Technology Manager (LTM) position.  After identifying the needs of our clients, we determined they needed an advocate; one contact to go to for anything outside of their day-to-day technology needs. 

We, the LTMs, are here to build relationships with our clients from the very beginning of their time with LIVE Consulting.  We know the importance of having a familiar face and a trusting person to turn to.  If you’re an existing client and haven’t met your LTM, you will soon.  In the coming weeks, we will reach out and introduce ourselves.

The LTM position was created to:

  • Help clients plan IT budgets and future technology needs/goals – We want to take a proactive approach to your future technology. We’ll recommend and help you design your infrastructure to fit your needs and accommodate for growth.  We want you to be financially prepared for any technology changes and we will assist and walk you through this process.
  • Have one point of contact outside of tech support – This was the driving force behind creating this position. We want to address issues as they come up to make sure we’re actively earning your business. 
  • Act as a bridge between clients and LIVE Engineers and Admins – we want to be the bridge between you and your tech team. We like to be able to provide our team with feedback; positive and negative.  We know there’s always room for improvement and we want to hear that from you, but we also want to know what we’re doing right!
  • Assit with project planning, budgeting, scheduling and communication – Not only will we help you budget and plan for your project, we will take on the responsibility of communicating with you about the progress of your project as well as communicating any changes your end users will have to face.

Meet our LTMs!

Laura Rennich

Laura has been with Live Consulting since 2014Laura Denver IT Support.jpg.  She was promoted to LTM and has been involved in developing and improving the position.  In her spare time, she enjoys, painting, camping, any outdoor summer Colorado activities!  






Karly Rychlik

Karly Denver IT Support.jpgKarly is a Colorado Native who grew up in Southeast Aurora.  She lives with her husband, Tom, and their “fat cat” (literally), Squirt.  She’s an outdoor enthusiast who loves fishing, hiking, and camping, among many other things that involve the wonderful wilderness in beautiful Colorado.  She is also a competitive powerlifter in the USA Powerlifting federation.





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Laura Rennich

Laura-Denver-IT-Support-1Laura is one of LIVE Consulting’s Technology Managers. Growing up in Boulder, she is a Colorado native (which is rare these days!) She loves animals, cheesy jokes, traveling and good old fashioned fun! One of her favorite cheesy jokes: What do you call a pile of kittens? The Rocky Meow-tains!

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