IT Managed Services Allow for Predictable Spending- Here’s How!

Aug 19, 2016IT Managed Services, Small Business and Entrepreneurship

 When you set your business budget, you know the importance of following its spending guidelines closely. Hiring an IT Managed Services provider is a great way to keep your spending on tech and cyber security needs predictable. So how exactly do managed services allow for predictable spending?

Monthly Operating Expenses Are Set 

Managed services are effective because they proactively prevent major and unexpected tech disturbances from happening. The essentials to IT support and maintenance are handled each month, cutting down on preventable downtime due to things such as server crashes. Because networks are maintained steadily through managed services, instead of corrected only when disasters happen, each month, customers have an expectation of what is being spent and is being completed. Let’s look at some of the different billing plans a managed services company can offer you.

  • Hourly Managed Services Plan 

    After consulting with your IT provider, you can get a recommendation of the hours needed each month to effectively sustain your network and business operations. You will purchase a set number of hours at a consistent price and your managed service provider will fulfill those hours. 

  • “Per Seat”/ Per User Managed Services Plan 
    • With this model, customers pay on a per-employee basis. So long as the number of employees remains the same, so will your monthly bill.

*Projects- it is important to note that with special projects, billing is not consistent and will require more IT support. Things such as office relocation and infrastructure upgrades are not considered managed services and therefore do not apply.

Proactive Maintenance

Managed Services allow for 24/7 monitoring to ensure you experience as little downtime as possible. If your managed service provider is not proactively maintaining your network, this can lead to issues that rack-up expensive service bills. 

There are IT companies that provide maintenance only when hardware is broken. Though, this is an inefficient and costly form of IT support. In the long run, it is more cost-effective to proactively maintain your servers and network than it is to wait until there is an issue and fix it. If an IT provider is only paid when things break, think about how much they must care whether things are properly maintained or not.

One Less Variable For Employment

Hiring a dedicated IT employee can also lead to unpredictable spending and other variables. These fluctuating variables determine how much you spend on an employee:

  • Recruiting
  • Training
  • Sick Days
  • Vacation Days
  • Insurance

Hiring a managed service provider eliminates many of these variables.

 Are your IT costs unpredictable? It may be time to look to a trusted managed service provider. Make certain your IT provider is transparent with billing to ensure your business predictably spends on IT needs.




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