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IT Service Outsourcing is Making Businesses More Agile, Mobile and Productive

October 02, 2018 in IT Managed Services

Information Technology has gone through many changes over the years. Once the sole proprietor all technical and computer maintenance knowledge, the IT department has been forced to evolve to meet increasing mobility and productivity demands. Instead of taking a reactive stance by fixing problems as they arise, those who provide IT services either internally or as an outsourced team must take a more proactive role in achieving strategic objectives if they want to make meaningful changes to the business.

As technology demands are increasing, so are IT costs and budgets. But those increasing budgets don’t always translate into increasing productivity and revenue. IT service outsourcing has become popular cost saving strategy for businesses ranging from small, local operators to global enterprises. A 2017 study by Computer Economics found that outsourcing as a percentage of total IT budget reached 11.9% among organizations in the U.S. and Canada, the highest level that IT outsourcing had reached in a five-year period.

Why are IT services trending toward outsourcing? Instead of keeping IT in house with significant overhead, an outsourced IT team enables a business to cut costs, free up internal resources, and become more agile, mobile, and productive.

IT Agility

Outsourcing IT services frees up your internal staff to focus on other core objectives, such as achieving digital transformation. IT agility often requires a complete reorganization of your IT services. Outsourcing helps by giving you access to dedicated IT experts with knowledge of the latest technology and software. It can give your organization an instant boost and the ability to focus more on your core objectives and less on technical oversight.

Businesses that could benefit from the latest technology but lack the means to deploy it can rely on an outsourced IT team to help them catch up with their competitors and gain an edge. From the budgetary standpoint, an outsourced IT team can turn the IT department into a business asset rather than a cost center.

Enterprise Mobility

Business is going mobile. More and more people are working remotely than at any time in history. In fact, a report by Switzerland-based office provider IWG found that 70% of professionals work remotely at least one day a week, while 53% work remotely for at least half of the week.

Traditionally, most businesses have kept their IT services in house, but many IT services can be outsourced to a remote workforce to make an organization more mobile. Network monitoring, data backup requirements, anti-virus and malware protection, and even software updates can all be handled by an outsourced IT team.

Increased Productivity

Technology was always meant to solve productivity problems and increase productivity exponentially. While it did so during the technology boom at the beginning of this century, productivity has stalled in the past few years. Many businesses are slow to adopt new technology that could help them become more productive, either because they lack the skills internally to deploy that technology or the time and knowledge to use it properly.

IT service outsourcing is a means of increasing productivity by reducing liability, gaining instant access to new technical knowledge, and rapidly deploying new technologies that automate tasks, cut costs, and make day-to-day operations more efficient and effective.

If you’re business needs to become more agile and productive, consider speaking to a team of outsourced IT professionals like Live Consulting. We’ll do an assessment of your current IT needs and discuss how you can achieve digital transformation in the future.

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