LIVE Customers: Here’s The Importance of Your Ticket Feedback

Mar 28, 2017LIVE Consulting Culture and Processes

When Nick and Tony started LIVE Consulting in 2004, their main goal was to help people.  Plain and simple.  As LIVE has grown, and new team members have come onboard, that goal has not changed.  There are a lot of other goals that have been included in the big picture, and one of those goals, which sits very high up on the priority list, is our client satisfaction.

As you’ve noticed over the past year or so there have been new roles added to LIVE’s resources (i.e. the LIVE Desk, the LIVE Technology Managers, LIVE Project Engineers, to name a few), all with those goals in mind: helping others, and increasing customer satisfaction.  Adding those new roles into the mix is just a piece of how LIVE is constantly improving. We’ve also started asking for YOUR feedback with every ticket that gets closed.  You’ve probably seen those emails asking for a ‘thumbs up’ or ‘thumbs down’ – and that’s not just some fancy little gimmick.  All of those clicks actually go back to your team. and that’s how we tweak what it is we’re doing. All of this is to ensure that we’re keeping up with our main goals.  Survey responses to tickets are certainly not the only way to give us your feedback, though.  Your LIVE Technology Manager and your tech team are also great resources.

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So, then what?  If you’re like me, I always wonder what happens to that feedback when I give it, ESPECIALLY when I submit something online.  Well, every single one of those clicks generates an email that goes to your LIVE Technology Manager and the Leadership Team. They discuss every single one.  You’ve probably seen the nifty Core Element stickers on your tech teams’ laptops – well, when somebody is killing it and emanating those values, they get a nomination. 


Once a nomination is received, a sticker is peeled.  Nominations come from peers, managers, leadership – anyone that works at LIVE can nominate one another.  On the contrary, if something is less-than-awesome, and we need to address something, then we do that too.  Each week, we hold individual team meetings, as well as Leadership meetings. If there’s an issue that needs to be resolved, then it will be discussed until a solution and plan of attack is derived. 

At the end of the day, our goals remain the same – we are here to help YOU, and make sure you’re satisfied with our help.  If you’re not, then we will fix it and learn from it.  If you are, we want to hear it!  Your feedback is incredibly important to us, and always will be.  So, feel free to click on those post-ticket emails, or let your LIVE Technology Manager or tech team know!  And, if you REALLY want to let your voice be heard, feel free to sing from the mountain tops!  (If you opt for that route, though – all we ask is that you get it on video, so we can enjoy the moment, too!)



Karly Rychlik

Karly-Denver-IT-Support-1Karly is a Colorado native who lives here with her husband, Tom, and fat cat (literally), Squirt. She loves anything outdoors – hiking, fishing, camping, and boating, and she’s a competitive powerlifter in the USA Powerlifting federation. When she’s not at work helping her team and her clients, you can probably find her hanging out with her husband and a barbell.

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