Macs- Are they Really Worth The Price?

Aug 3, 2016Hardware and Software, Tech Tips and Industry News

As Apple becomes even more popular with millennials, we anticipate the Mac trend will only continue to grow stronger. This means many Apple products are making their way into the workplace; where PC’s once dominated.  However, many criticize Macs for their higher prices. So what are the main features that make Macs so popular (and more expensive)?

Creative Projects Production

One of the biggest reasons Macs have become so popular is their ability to run creative software programs, such as Adobe Creative Suite, with little interruption. This is thanks to the OS X operating system. It generally is more stable than Windows. This allows producers to work on content with as little disruption as possible, and this has made Macs the standard for audio, video, and other visual production.

Mac music production software is also of a much higher caliber as well. GarageBand is a very popular music production program on Mac. This program offers a user-friendly interface that allows people with no production experience to record and produce music with ease. Thanks to GarageBand, an entire generation of music producers who work right in their bedroom was born. Logic Pro X, another Mac-only program, is the unmatched pro’s choice in recording and producing music. This programs offers even more features than GarageBand, and allows you to create studio-quality audio on a single computer.


Another key Mac feature is their security. Although not guaranteed, compared to PC’s, Macs are  much less prone to malware infections. 

Although virus infections don’t occur often on Macs, they still certainly can. Many of the major anti-virus software programs have versions made for Mac. It’s important to stay proactive and keep your Mac protected regardless of the risk.


The Mac operating system is very user-friendly. This accessible design is yet another reason why Macs have become wildly popular. Macs save time by streamlining the computer-using experience. 

Not only is the software design great, but the design of the computer itself is very sleek. Although opinions on design are objective, the positive response Apple has received cannot be denied. Many Mac aficionados agree that using a Mac is a much more aesthetically pleasing experience than using a PC.

So, are Macs truly worth the hype?

Depending on specific users, yes! Even if your employees do not have a high demand for video editing and creative project production, sometimes it will come down to personal preference. The fact of the matter is, as more millennials enter your workforce, many of them will bring their Apple products with them. There are higher costs associated with Apple products, but for good reason. 




Nabil Hourani

nabilhouraniNabil hails from the Dallas area of Texas. He relocated to Colorado after college to experience all the beauty and adventures the state has to offer. Nabil has a passion for technology, and loves being able to communicate with businesses about their IT needs. In his spare time, he enjoys camping in the majestic Colorado wilderness, fishing, and playing music.

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