5 Reasons OneNote Is the Best Productivity Software for Your Business

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In a world where easy access to content and files is becoming more and more important, there are many applications available to help people stay on top of the daily grind. One such application is Microsoft OneNote, which is among the best collaboration software out there today.

This breakthrough productivity software allows several people to collaborate on projects at the same time by collecting notes, pictures, drawings, audio commentaries, screenshots, and other data that they can easily share with one another on one easy-to-use platform.

OneNote used to only be available if you had the Microsoft Office Suite of tools. However, Microsoft has since turned it into a stand-alone application that comes with Windows 10. While the Windows 10 version is free, there is another version of OneNote that is web-based and part of the Office Online software that allows you to edit files using a web browser.

OneNote is packed full of cool features that make it one of the most used applications for both business and personal use. Let’s look at some of the reasons people are turning to productivity software like OneNote to help them optimize their day-to-day activities.

1.) Ease of Use Is a True Attribute of the Best Collaboration Software Around

If you are already accustomed to using the Microsoft Suite of tools (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, and Outlook), you’ll notice that the interface for OneNote is very similar. Just like the other Microsoft applications, OneNote has a horizontal navigation bar at the top of the page which provides easy access to editing a document or note, designing a new page, or changing the page layout.

This makes it easy to use and so virtually any part of your team – whether a millennial or Baby Boomer, a brand-new addition or a seasoned member of the team – can jump right in with little to no issue.

Since it looks and feels like something they’ve used before, and particularly user-friendly to start with, team members are less likely to get stuck and take up other people’s time asking for help. (Since we’re on the topic of productivity, you might want to take a peek at how we calculate downtime when it comes to employee efficiency.)

2.) OneNote Seamlessly Integrates with Microsoft Outlook

If you use Microsoft Outlook, you’ll especially enjoy OneNote because the two applications go hand-in-hand. When you use Outlook to store details about upcoming meetings, you can pull the information into OneNote. You can even include your notes about the meeting directly into the Appointment feature within OneNote so you don’t have to email a separate file containing the meeting’s agenda!

Plus, you can take advantage of this fantastic productivity software by writing out a to-do list using OneNote and then transferring it to Outlook so you won’t miss completing any task. And if you don’t want to transfer your list to Outlook, you can check off each item on your to-do list within the OneNote interface and continue to edit the list during the day as new things come about that must be completed.

3.) Versatility of Use By So Many Different Organizations

Many businesses are now making use of Wiki pages to keep their employees in the loop about what’s going on within the company. But besides internal use, Wiki pages are also being published to the internet so outsiders who are outside the company can learn more about what the business stands for and how it runs.

OneNote provides an avenue for creating a Wiki page that everyone can access and contribute to, with one person or a handful of people being given the role of editor to make changes to the page when the need arises.

And when it comes to a specific document that has been uploaded into OneNote, all employees with access to it can see who has worked on the document and what changes they’ve made to it.

Another reason OneNote is among the best collaboration software is that it can also be used by a business to create surveys and opinion polls. The survey questions can be written and uploaded to one central document within the application, which takes away the need to send out a link to a separate online survey page. OneNote allows each person with access to the survey or poll to write out their thoughts and opinions all in one place, so everyone can easily see how each person feels.

Interestingly enough – but not surprisingly – schoolteachers have even begun using OneNote to create lesson plans and homework for their classes, accessible in one easy-to-reach spot for every student in the class. There are so many other types of organizations and industries utilizing all that OneNote has to offer that we cannot simply try to list them out here. If you’re curious as to how productivity software and other great tips and strategies can be customized to any business’s particular needs, check out how we helped an engineering firm become more efficient.

4.) Productivity Software Must Be Chock-Full of Great Features

One of the biggest advantages of OneNote is that you can click anywhere within the document to create a text box. Plus, the software will automatically save your work instead of you having to manually save your creation like you would have to do if you were using a traditional word processing program like Microsoft Word.

Also, the files created in OneNote are saved as pages with sections that can be made into notebooks, and pages can easily be moved around within the notebook. You can even draw on your created pages with a stylus pen as well!

Another fun feature that will quickly help OneNote become your favorite productivity software is that it has numerous built-in templates for many different uses, such as meeting notes and project agendas – or you can even create your own template to use as you see fit.

And if your bookmarks page within your regular web browser is becoming too cluttered and hard to keep organized, you can turn to OneNote to create a page with hyperlinks to your favorite sites, a page that is also fully searchable.

5.) The Best Collaboration Software Should Be Widely Available

OneNote is available on computers, tablets, and mobile phones, so users can take part by means of their preferred devices, and the ways you can use this productivity software are virtually unlimited. OneNote has a mobile app, too, to help you complete tasks while on the go so you don’t have to feel the need to be attached to your computer all the time!

And, OneNote has a specific app for mobile phones called OfficeLens, which acts as a scanner by using your phone’s camera to download receipts and other types of documents. It will also scan business cards and create new contacts on your phone from the information on those business cards.

By Now You Know OneNote Is the Way to Go

If you’re looking for the best collaboration software that has an immensely diverse set of helpful features, then OneNote is the right choice for you and your team.

Whether you want to collaborate with your business colleagues or just make a searchable document for your own personal use, OneNote fits the bill and can get the job done with ease, every time.

As IT professionals, we would be glad to answer any questions regarding this productivity software, recommend applications for other needs, or for more ways the tech world can be navigated for the betterment of your company in the long run!

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