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Live Consulting News

Super Charge Your IT Support with LIVE's League of Extraordinary Technicians

Discover how LIVE Consulting puts its Seven IT Super Powers to work for the...
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Microsoft Releases Office 2019: The Case for Office 365 and Hosted Exchange

Microsoft will release Office 2019 in fall of 2018, the successor to its...
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Can You Afford Not to Have a Dedicated IT Team?

Cloud, big data, AI, mobile technologies, cyber security, the internet of...
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LIVE Consulting Partners with Nextiva to Deliver Business VoIP

LIVE Consulting pairs up with Nextiva, a voice over IP (VoIP) company, to...
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Technology Makes Your Employees More Effective and Increases Their Overall Productivity

August 09, 2018 in Tech Tips and Industry News
The promise of technology is that it will make menial tasks, and even some...
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Gone Phishing? 5 ways to avoid being baited by phishing emails

July 31, 2018 in Small Business Security
Phishing emails from a “Nigerian Prince” are not only less common, but they are...
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