Peace of Mind: Does Your IT Provider Deliver It?

May 8, 2017IT Managed Services, LIVE Consulting Culture and Processes

What is it that we do here at LIVE Consulting? How do we interact with our clients? What kind of service do we strive to provide? In my time at LIVE, across several different positions within the company, these questions have always been top of mind in my world. It’s clear that I’m here to help our clients, support my team members and grow the organization, but only with the experience of watching the impact we have on people has it become clear what we’re actually doing here.


From my perspective, we don’t deliver results, or guarantees, or billable time, or even the troubleshooting process. Knowing what we deliver and why we deliver it is key to being successful at LIVE Consulting. I believe that we are delivering confidence, peace of mind and the knowledge that things are being taken care of. This doesn’t mean everything works perfectly all the time, or that nothing breaks. What it does mean is that once the client reaches out for help, it is off their plate.


As a technical person, I have learned to take ownership and continually communicate with the client about the issue they’re experiencing. If the client doesn’t know what’s going on, in their eyes, it’s the same as nothing being worked on at all. I’ve found that a vacuum in communication can sabotage a whole relationship and quickly evaporate my ability to succeed. Simply put, if I don’t communicate, then it doesn’t really matter if I fix the problem. If I’m not communicating about what I’m doing or when I’m doing it, as far as the client knows, nothing ever happened. Our deliverable is the peace of mind that things get taken care. Once I become aware of an issue, if I don’t communicate while handling it, I am failing at my job.


In the process of working a problem, I take the time to run small experiments before jumping in head first. When making changes to an environment, I’ve learned to prototype the change, get user feedback and follow up on issues BEFORE pushing something out company wide. From where I stand, there are few exceptions to this practice. Running an experiment on a small scale can usually be done and will help to identify issues before they become major problems across the organization. The hard part is knowing that it’s okay for the experiment to fail; this is the precise reason why I do them in the first place. As always, I verify I have a way to go back and undo what was changed if things go south. It’s great to try new things, but for the sake of our clients, I choose to take the risk on a small scale first, prototype a solution, and then push it out to the masses.


To make this happen, I must do what it takes, ask for help, stay late, send too many emails, document everything, bring in additional resources, talk to support, Google till my head spins…. do whatever it takes to just handle the situation all while managing client expectations through communication. Some days it’s sounds like a lot, but I tend to forget that we have a cumulative of 160 years of combined professional IT experience at LIVE Consulting, meaning there’s plenty of people to fall back on, so we can deliver our clients that peace of mind, that confidence.

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Adam Feldman

Adam-1Adam is a Colorado Native who has been in the IT field for 3 years, working exclusively with SMBs. In his role as an outsourced IT consultant he has learned to design, implement and manage IT solutions across numerous industries and environments. Utilizing his education to conceptualize complex systems and evaluate essential business needs, he has progressed through the tiers of support into leading his own team and supervising others.

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