Super Charge Your IT Support with LIVE’s League of Extraordinary Technicians

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Discover how LIVE Consulting puts its Seven IT Super Powers to work for the betterment of your organization

As our noble recruits enter the League of Extraordinary Technicians for the first time, they are entrusted with the Seven Super Powers of LIVE.

These superpowers, should they choose to accept them, ensure that you’re dedicated IT tech team and expanded support staff have the tools they need to enhance the overall success of your technological infrastructure. Today, tomorrow and well into the future.

Super Shield (Security)

The first superpower bestowed on each LIVE League member is their Super Shield. The Super Shield is a series of security tools that are installed and configured for each of our customers by their dedicated LIVE team in collaboration with our Core Services Department. These tools are designed to stop the forces of evil lurking around the internet from entering your network to do unforeseen damage. It is the first line of defense.

Crystal Ball (Technology Planning)

A few of our LIVE Superheroes possess the ability to analyze, plan and coordinate our combined force for the betterment of each of our clients. They are the LIVE Technology Managers. Their specialized skill set allows them to harness the power of our LIVE Crystal Ball to see into the future and work with our clients to determine their ongoing needs. Armed with this knowledge, they set out to make tailored technology plans for each of our clients and ensure the proper implementation of those efforts.

Automatic Check Point (Backups)

Not all our LIVE Superhero tool and tactics require a personal touch. Thanks to our LIVE Core Services Team we have set up an automatic checkpoint throughout the day for each of our clients. These checkpoints or system backups take a snapshot of each computer on the network ensuring a quick restore, if data is lost or corrupted. The solution is just a button click away.

Grappling Hook (Remote Support)

Our remote grappling hooks allow one of our experienced remote support technicians, also known as the LIVE Desk, to remotely control a client’s computer to repair IT issues without ever stepping into your office. Not every problem can be solved this way, but it is a great place to start. That is why our LIVE Desk resolves over half of all our client issues without ever stepping foot on site.

The LIVE Signal (Onsite Support)

Each of our clients is given a LIVE Signal that reaches their dedicated team and extended support when they need us most. Simply, shine your LIVE signal into the sky, and we will be there to fix your problem in a flash, either remotely or physically (depending on the issue). We deploy whatever solution is needed to ensure the issue is resolved as quick as possible. We even have our response times documented, to let our clients know how long support could take. Emergencies are resolved within just a couple of hours whereas lower priority concerns could take the better part of a day.

Super Vision (Problem Solving and Research)

The League of Extraordinary technicians possesses immense knowledge in the world of Information Technology and superhuman problem-solving skills. They put both to work each day for our clients. The LIVE Consulting League of Extraordinary technicians utilizes their vast knowledge in conjunction with the accessible information available at their fingertips to ensure our clients have a satisfactory solution to every problem they face, every time.

Hive Mind (Continued Education and shared experience)

No superhero can fight the forces of evil alone. Hey, even Superman has help from time to time. That is why LIVE Consulting has made it its mission to bring on exceptional men and women who aren’t just interested in fighting the forces of technology issues. They are invested in staying informed about the latest happening in the technology world, so they can bring that information back to HQ and enhance the knowledge of our entire team. It is LIVE Consulting’s mission to fosters personal grown, shared expertise and collaboration, all of which contribute to ensuring our super-powered tech team is ready, willing and able to crush your IT problems.

Don’t just take our word for how Super LIVE’s League of Extraordinary Technicians really is. Find out for yourself with a free network audit and let us put our super-charged nerd brains to work to find your network vulnerabilities.

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