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Jul 11, 2017LIVE Consulting Culture and Processes

Before we had a finalized list of our core values, there was white board upon scribbled white board of notes, names, and attributes. For the past few years, LIVE Consulting has been following the book and business guide, “Traction.” With the help of this system, our leadership team came to establish our 6 core values: collaboration, commitment, expertise, growth, integrity and personality. To discover these values, the leadership team at LIVE listed outstanding employees and the traits they had. There were long lists, lots of names, and even more traits. Of all of the attributes, there were 6 that were commonly repeated and those ultimately became the official core values. We recently gathered to recognize employees that best demonstrated those values within the past year. Here are the winners of those awards.


Collaboration.png Commitment.png Expertise.png Growth.png Integrity_.png Personality.png


Core Value Trophy 2016 2.jpg

Collaboration – Karly Rychli

Karly Denver IT Support.jpg

This person is the all-knowing, all-helping, team player.  They’re helpful, to both the internal teams, and the customers.  Available to chat, IM, sit and talk, or have a meeting.  This person is also playful, helpful, and available.  She knows her ninja turtles, and she knows how to pick her men.  She’s know by many names, including honkey, karlito, karlita, and Tom’s Wife!  Karly.





Commitment- Lauren Bell

Lauren Denver IT Support.jpgThis person doesn’t just get the commitment award, but came up in conversations on Expertise, Growth, Integrity, and Personality.  They embody every one of our core values every single day.  There are never any excuses, no “No’s”, no “Wait”, this person is loyal, dedicated, prideful, and of course concerned about aesthetics. 

I wrote a haiku for her…

You are the winner

You live commitment and LIVE

You are Lauren Bell.


Expertise- Nick Chestnut 

Nick Chestnut Denver IT Support.jpgAh- the #Crushit award.  Who does the must crushing? The person who has the most expertise, who is the most intelligent, our escalation point, our network admin, our go-to for technical decision. 

Its not Cru-Shit, and Its not Carl.  Its Chestnut.





Growth – Brady Schwan

Brady Denver IT Support.jpgStriving to get better can happen at any level.  It can happen at the executive level, the sales level, or the receptionist level.  Growth is taking what position you want, and asking for the title later.  Its running into roadblocks head on, knocking them down, getting knocked down, and continuing to charge ahead.  In this case, the growth happens physically, and mentally although the shirt sizes don’t keep up with the growth that his body and brain are doing.  This years 2016 Growth Award goes to the one and only… Bradyzilla.




Integrity – Damian Hampton

Damian Cropped.jpgWhat’s a core value without integrity?  Everyone was in the running for this, so it was hard to narrow down to who has the most integrity.  When we talk about integrity its someone who does the right thing all the time without being asked.  No only who does the right thing, but who can we always count on to answer the call?  We need an extra blog written, we need someone to help out with this, or that.  We need someone on our Christmas Trivia Team to beat Nick, Angie and David’s table.  Who can we count on?  This guy.




Personality – Justin Sanabria

Justin Sanabria Denver IT Support .jpgWhen we talk about personality and the culture of the office there are a few people who always embody who Live is.  They’re playful and helpful, nice and silly. This person is a heart throb to some, okay, lets me honest, most of us, okay, lets be really honest, just me.  Our customers love him, I love him.  Its Justin Sanabria.







Nick Nyberg

Nick-Nyberg-Denver-IT-SupportNick, along with his business partner and friend Tony, founded Live Consulting in 2004. While working for large tech corporations, he found a passion for helping small business access the technology that larger corporations used. He and Tony started as a 2 man operation and grew LIVE Consulting to over 30 employees since and have recently earned a spot on the Inc 5000 Fastest Growing Businesses List. In his spare time, Nick scuba dives with his wife Leah, dominates at corn hole, and spends time with his two children.

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