The Importance of On-Site IT Work

Apr 25, 2017LIVE Consulting Culture and Processes

Here at LIVE Consulting, we believe in quite a few things and have instilled those things within our core values. Among them are efficiency and personality. What happens when we need to blend the two, then? Here we’ll be addressing on-site tasks and remotely-handled tasks. Though remote work can be more seemingly efficient, onsite work can prevent unforeseen issues.

Efficiency at its finest is something LIVE Consulting strives to bring to our customers. We don’t want you to feel like issues are ongoing, or pay for time that doesn’t need to be expended. Instead, we harness our geekery to ensure that tasks are handled in a complete, and timely fashion. Because of this, and the way technology is rapidly advancing, we tend to complete more tasks remotely than ever before. Some of those tasks include:

Desktop Support

We have an entire team, our LIVE Desk, who handles remote desktop support issues. This allows us to have a first line of response for issues that can be taken care of quickly.

Select Network Device Firmware Upgrades

With firewalls, NAS (Network Attached Storage) devices, IP cameras, Wireless Access Points, and other devices, we are becoming more apt to do those firmware upgrades remotely. They are typically easy to do and require little to no downtime.

Behind The Scenes Work

With our 24×7 monitoring, we are able to monitor each computer and server as if we were sitting in front of it. We can diagnose drive space issues, network issues, and a myriad of other issues, sometimes before they even occur.

Us geeks love that we can bring such exciting and groundbreaking tools to your network. However, we have found that we still love coming on-site- and there is tremendous value with on-site visits. With one of our core values being “personality”, we know the importance of working face to face. Live and in-person customer service is something LIVE takes pride in (hey, it’s in our name)! We have also found that, there are still some things we like, and need, to accomplish on-site.  For instance:

Hardware Deployment

We often need to bring hardware to your office, and plug all those cables into the back of the device!

Server Firmware Updates

While these can typically be done remotely, we like to be on-site for these to ensure the server comes back online properly as just one added layer of assurance!

Desktop Firmware Updates

These usually can NOT be done remotely, as the administrator has no way to monitor the computer while it goes through its reboot process.


Onsite IT Work Denver.jpgThough some things can be accomplished remotely, when you have a problem, it is generally nice to have someone actually there in person assisting you.

As technology evolves and changes, you can be sure there will be more solutions to remote administration in IT. Here at LIVE, we plan to utilize any tools that can help us in efficiency. However, we will always build fun, LIVE interactions with your business and employees in a face-to-face setting. In short, we want to see you AND fix your issues in a timely and complete manner!





David Ford

David-Ford-Denver-IT-SupportDavid is a LIVE Network Engineer originally from Nebraska. David is a musician and even plays drums and guitar in a couple of different bands. His interests include collecting vinyl albums, hunting, fishing, and playing with his dog Buck. He says, “Technology has always been a huge part of my life, and I enjoy learning more about it every day.”

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