The IT Team Advantage for Small Business

Nov 8, 2017IT Managed Services

With a strong team environment, much more can be accomplished, much quicker, with much more accuracy and diligence. When your server goes down unexpectedly, or a user infects your network with ransomware- you’d much rather have 3 or more brains working towards a solution than just one brain. That is why LIVE Consulting built a team structure with great intention. Each of the tech teams consists of a Network Engineer and two Network Administrators- supporting their own subset of clients. Additionally, a Help Desk, known as our Live Desk, is its own team that resolves tickets remotely. Many of our clients really like this system, and I will explain why.


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When I started at Live Consulting I was a member of the LIVE Desk. (Actually, I initially began as a receptionist, but that’s a whole different, and might you say, inspiring, story.) During my time on the LIVE Desk I worked with over 100 different networks. What this translates to is: I’ve seen a ton different infrastructures, multiple email set ups, operating systems, spam filters, anti-virus, and more. By the time I moved from the LIVE Desk to on-site support, I had a great amount of exposure to different issues with a lot of different setups. The exposure I gained on LIVE Desk helps me diagnose problems on-site daily. I am frequently presented an issue that I’ve seen with another team’s client (or my own), which helps me immensely with resolving the issue far faster.


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Another key advantage to our team structure is that we can help each other out. If I’m having problems resolving a tough issue, I can always reach out to my teammates and get a fresh set of eyes on the problem. Our organization encourages us to also reach out to the other teams for additional help as well.  Between all the IT minds here at LIVE Consulting, the odds are good that one of us has seen the issue before, and can coach one another on finding a solution quickly. Comparatively, companies that employ a single internal IT employee do not have this network of support. It’s a lot harder to resolve a tricky issue if you don’t have anyone to bounce ideas off of. Simply being able to talk about an issue with another IT mind can help tremendously.


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Another scenario to think about is if one or more members of your team become challengingly ill. In other setups, this would cause some problems for clients that rely on their single point of contact. At LIVE Consulting, all our teams are willing to help each other. If one team needs assistance, we can always reach out to another team to help with on-site visits, remote support, and more.


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Your employees will interact and become acquainted with the same IT reps through consistency. We find that having familiar voices and faces makes bringing IT issues to light much easier for our clients’ employees. As they get to know one another and work together frequently, confidence in abilities grows, and communication styles are learned. Because we put great effort in hiring personable people for our teams, this communication becomes even stronger.



Brady Schwan

Brady-Denver-IT-Support-1Brady grew up in the frozen tundra of North Dakota. He had an interest in computers at a young age and that continued into his college studies and now career. He graduated from Northern State University with a bachelor’s in Management Information Systems. He now works as a LIVE Admin where he remotely solves a wide variety of customer technical issues. In his free time, he explores Colorado, and thinks about what an angel his mother is.

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