The Top 5 Reasons Your Business Needs LIVE Business Pro

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The LIVE Business Pro plan is not something that we created in a back room, it’s not the newest thing since sliced bread and it’s not going to revolutionize the outsourced I.T. industry as you know it. The LIVE Business Pro plan was constructed according to feedback from small businesses, here in Denver, that we have met with over that past decade. Some are clients, some are not, some came from our competitors and others had full-time I.T. staff. What we found is that there is a simple list of things that every small business in Denver is looking for from an outside I.T. provider. LIVE Consulting is built around addressing these head on, and the LIVE Business Pro plan is our answer to that challenge!



Your Managed Service Provider should simply be reliable 

There are a few elements to reliability that are crucial for small business.

 Firstly, you must be confident that your network, your data and your technology are stable, day in and day out. That means using proactive support, finding issues before they rear their ugly heads, and when problems do arise, solving them the right way, the first time.

Secondly, it also means having an I.T. provider that recommends new technology and equipment that is best for your company, not theirs.

Just as important as network reliability is the consistency of the people who have access to your network. Having a dedicated team of people that know you and your staff, and all have the same vision for how technology should work, will help you hit your business goals. If you have the same reliable team designing, building and maintaining your network, your technology will be an asset and not a liability.


Your IT provider should ensure a secure environment to conduct business

This is a topic that every single small business is talking about, and if you’re not talking about it, you should be! The reality of doing business in the current environment is that you are at risk. Hackers and malware may not be targeting your specific business, but make no mistake, if you use computers, the internet or email, you are vulnerable. That being said, LIVE Consulting gives every single client their security platform for free. Offsite backups, a next generation firewall, anti-virus, web filtering, email filtering, and 24×7 monitoring are all free! LIVE is truly giving these to all of our clients at no cost. We don’t want to see a single small business in Denver have to close its doors because it wasn’t protected!


Your IT Provider should earn your business each and every month

 Your small business needs to have flexibility and often times technology is the anchor that holds companies back. The cost of buying new equipment that may become outdated in the same year you bought it, the long term support contracts and the inability for your equipment to scale with your business are real obstacles. The days of having year long contracts with huge penalties for making any changes should be behind us. You have to know that your I.T. provider can support your business today and scale quickly and effectively for whatever the changing landscape will bring tomorrow.


Your Managed Service Provider should not be a stick in the mud

This is one element of an outsourced I.T. provider that most small businesses in Denver have given up on. An outsourced I.T. company doesn’t have to be a saltine, and if yours is, you probably have more tech issues than you know about. When your tech support has no personality, or one that is cringe-worthy, you and your staff will hold back any issue that isn’t an emergency. The irony of doing that, is it only causes more emergencies, more stress and you grow to resent your tech support over time. You should have an outsourced I.T. provider that fits the culture and personality of your business. You and your co-workers deserve someone who you enjoy working with. Let’s call it a business grade nerd, someone who is competent, can do their job and doesn’t leave you wondering if they live in their mother’s basement!


Your IT Support should not break the bank 

We all live in the real world, and the cost of outsourced I.T. has to make fiscal sense. It’s not necessarily just a conversation about how much, but rather what value you get per dollar. Small businesses today need more than a company that just offers a phone number to call when an issue arises, or a strict limit on what they handle before they point fingers at ISP’s, phone providers or software vendors. Having a stable monthly payment, with no surprises, no nickel and diming and no overages means you can budget for your needs and know that you will get all the tech support you need!


Kyle Moore

Kyle-Moore-Denver-IT-SupportKyle grew up in the thin air of a small Rocky Mountain town, which explains why he loves skiing, fishing, and biking. That oxygen deprivation also probably explains why he is so weird. Before LIVE Consulting, he worked as a shepherd in Australia, a missionary in Africa and ski patroller in Vail.

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