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Can You Afford Not to Have a Dedicated IT Team?

Cloud, big data, AI, mobile technologies, cyber security, the internet of...
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Why Your Current Data Backup Plan Might Not Cut It

When you’re operating in the business IT space, data backup and disaster...
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Say Sayonara to Cyber Criminals- Proper Backups Really Stick-It To Thieves

When you hear the term 'cryptolocker', or 'ransomware', you certainly don’t get...
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What are Veeam Backups?

Backups, backups, backups.Have you heard your IT provider preach backups yet?...
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The Essential Elements of a Successful Backup Plan

 So you have a backup plan in place. But do you know what that plan is? What...
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Small Business Network Redundancy

There are a few places network redundancy is really important: Security,...
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