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Live Consulting News

Microsoft Releases Office 2019: The Case for Office 365 and Hosted Exchange

Microsoft will release Office 2019 in fall of 2018, the successor to its...
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Is Running Windows 7 Really That Big of a Deal?

October 04, 2017 in Office 365 and Windows
Only use Windows 7 if your critical business applications and hardware are not...
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Email Archiving: Do's and Don'ts

September 12, 2017 in Office 365 and Windows
Email archiving can be a tricky but helpful process in the business world...
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Prevent Email Pandemonium: Understanding Office 365 Email Limitations and Archiving

July 19, 2017 in Office 365 and Windows
There are two types of people when it comes to email organization: those who...
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How to Run a Unicorn Meeting With OneNote

May 25, 2017 in Office 365 and Windows
OneNote has the ability to easily link with other Office programs and has many...
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Starting Fresh with Windows 10

May 23, 2017 in Office 365 and Windows
We loved Windows 7.  We hated Windows 8.  With the rampant spread of the recent...
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