What Are The Top Five Reasons To Upgrade To Office 2019?

Feb 7, 2019Hardware and Software, Tech Tips and Industry News

Microsoft Office has long been a software staple for students, households, and businesses.

Ever since the very first version was released in November of 1990, millions of people have used it to write reports, create presentations, and keep track of important data. And every time a new version becomes available, more and more useful features come into play.

Microsoft Office 2019 entered the marketplace in September of 2018, promising new capabilities for all of its programs including Excel, Power Point, Outlook, Access, and Word.

So far it has held up to the expectations of those who have purchased the software.

Some of its best new features are reduced bandwith use on your network, monthly updates to security, and even “send later” technology in Microsoft Outlook that allows you to schedule the exact time you want your E-mail messages to land in a recipient’s in-box.

And if you like to use OneNote, you will have access to Ink-to-Text support which gives you the capability to handwrite something that will be turned into typed words.

But besides being able to take advantage of these new features, what are five of the top reasons to upgrade to Office 2019?

The General Benefits of Office 2019

Office 2019 is not powered by the Microsoft Cloud like Office 365 is. Thus, if you are a user who isn’t ready to switch to the cloud or you just don’t like cloud technology, you will find that Office 2019 is a better fit for you.

Office 2019 also updates and replaces Microsoft Word 2016 and Microsoft Excel 2016.

And when it comes to purchasing the software, Office 2019 is paid for in one lump sum only once instead of in monthly installments like its Office 365 counterpart, which also requires you to renew the subscription annually. However, after buying Office 2019 you won’t be getting any future updates for it in the form of new tools or functions. Plus Office 2019 can only be used on one PC instead of on a PC, smartphone, and tablet simultaneously like a yearly subscription to Office 365 provides.

If you are someone who likes to use the digital pen to draw on your computer’s screen, you will love the enhancements to the pen that Office 2019 provides.

Office 2019 introduces pressure sensitivity, a tilt effect that alters the pen line thickness according to how the pen is angled. And it comes with a roaming pencil case that allows you to organize your favorite pens and highlighters to use across all the different applications.

When it comes to the various programs that come with Office 2019, there are many different cool and new features that each one contains.

Power Point

Office 2019 offers more enhanced features for Power Point presentations.

One of those features is the Zoom feature, which is basically a table of contents of all the slides in a presentation. From all of the slides you create for your presentation, you can choose which ones to feature, and then the Zoom tool will generate one slide that will function as a menu for all the other slides in the presentation.

And while you are on the menu slide, you can zoom in on various portions of the presentation and then go directly to those particular slides, which means that you don’t have to scroll through one slide after another chronologically in order to make your presentation.

Morph is another feature of Power Point that you will be able to enjoy.

Morph recognizes how graphics from one slide to the next may have changed, and is able to integrate those images together for a more smooth experience. For example, if you have a square on your first slide and then a bigger square on your second slide, Morph recognizes the pattern and will increase the size of the square automatically so you don’t have to use a series of single slides to convey the message of the square getting bigger.

Microsoft Outlook

If you use Microsoft Outlook for your E-mail, there are many enhanced features to enjoy.

To start, Outlook now has updated contact cards as well as read receipts that will tell you when your message’s recipient has opened and read your E-mail.

Your in-box also has two new tabs, labeled “Focused” and “Other”.

The Focused box is where your important E-mails will land, while everything else will get sorted into the “Other” box.

For any E-mails that make it to the Other box, you will be alerted so that you know about those messages and don’t miss receiving something.

Microsoft Outlook also now gives you the opportunity to add time zones to your calendar to make it easier to schedule a meeting with people who are in different parts of the world.

Plus, you can also have your E-mails read out loud to you.

And you can set your reminders to open up over any window you are working in, or choose the less distracting route by having your taskbar flash to alert you to the reminder.

Microsoft Word

One of the coolest things about the new Microsoft Word in Office 2019 is that when you are collaborating with someone else on a document, you can see the changes they make in real time.

Word also allows you to translate one word, a phrase, sentence, or entire paragraph to another language with Microsoft Translator.

When it comes to your actual document, you can adjust column width, the spacing of your text and even the color of your document’s page. And you can even have your text read out loud to you while the program also highlights the text that is being read.

Another feature is the ability to write inside of your document with a digital pen, where you can highlight something, draw something, and even do math using LaTeX!

You can choose from numerous 3D images to enhance your documents, take advantage of adding icons to your documents to create more visual interest in your work, and you can view pages one at a time or scroll through your pages like a book by using the Side to Side view.


Excel in Office 2019 also has various new features for you to enjoy.

For example, there are new formulas and charts available, such as funnel charts and two-dimensional maps.

Plus, Power Pivot and Power Query have updated functions.

Power Pivot currently allows you to work with large sets of data, where millions of rows can be uploaded to the software that a normal spreadsheet program couldn’t handle.

It also performs advanced data analysis that will make it easy for anyone to understand the data, even those who aren’t very data savvy.

And, you don’t have to use formulas between tables to create a relationship between those tables. Instead, you can create relationships by dragging and dropping between workbooks.

Power Query helps you to manipulate and transform data from any source, making it ready to be incorporated into a format that can be used by pivot tables and reports. Or you can unpivot data to prepare it for use for a pivot table’s source.

Power Query also allows you to export your presentation into 4K UHD video format, or add superscript or subscript commands to your Quick Access Toolbar to make it easier to utilize them.

All in all, Office 2019 is very feature-packed for a positive and fun user experience.

If you haven’t done so already, it is time to upgrade!

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