What Do All These I.T. Bills Mean?

May 3, 2017IT Managed Services

Business technology can become a complex arena when considering hardware, software, labor and more.  Because of this, invoices can become quite detailed and have a lot of information that can overwhelm those processing them.  Those processing them may be intimately involved in the IT work, or, they may not.  Here is a short review of all the possible invoices that you could receive, along with a bit of an explanation as to when and why you might see each of them.

Then & Now – Monthly Maintenance Agreements

If you have been with us for some time you may be on one of our older, hourly agreements.  These work a bit like your cell phone bills- you pay a monthly rate for up to a specific number of hours of support.  If you go over that number, you pay for the additional hours.  Your invoice may also include added services such as security or Office365.  Our new agreements are all on a per seat basis.  There are no hourly allotments and many of the additional services are now included without an additional charge.  In either case, the header of our invoices all look the same.  The dating and terms on these invoices should match the Terms & Conditions from your contract

Monthly IT bill s.png

Even if a service is not being billed, it should be listed on the invoice at $0.  It is a good idea to review these periodically and confirm that all the services that you are expecting are indeed listed on these regular invoices.

IT bill 2 s.png

Project or Other Labor Invoices

Our invoices are always for:


Hardware and Software.

We work to keep hardware and software invoices separate from labor invoices so sales tax is clearly outlined. The separation also helps with the timing for billing of these distinct pieces.  Often the terms for labor are different than the terms for equipment and software purchases.  Sometimes it is hard to distinguish if labor was covered in your maintenance agreement or if you will be billed separately.  This is outlined in your agreement, but if you are unsure contact your LIVE Technology Manager or review our guide provided to you upon beginning your partnership. You should always receive a separate quote for any additional billable labor so you know what to expect. These quotes will always include the terms for these billings while the hourly invoices will always include a detailed listing of time.

IT bill 3.png

Followed by:

IT bill 4.png


Hardware/Software Invoices

As stated above,  hardware and software are billed separately from the labor to install, or load these purchases (unless it is covered by your maintenance agreement).  These invoices will be emailed to you just after the product is received by LIVE Consulting. Someone from your team will work with you to get your hardware and software deployed timely.  These invoices always have terms of Due Upon Receipt.

IT bill 5 s.png

Paper Invoices

At the first of the month it may feel like we are burying you in invoicing.  Depending on what projects and work you have going on, there could be 3 or 4 separate invoices that come to you on the same day, and depending on the labor detailed, they could be 10 pages long.  This is all in the interest of transparency.  If you want to save a few trees don’t print these out, but share them digitally as needed.  You can even sign up for ACH payments and entirely avoid printing checks or using envelopes.  In the end, please be sure to give us a call or email if there are any concerns.  Together we will always be able to gain clarity for everyone involved.



Angie O’Connell

Angie-Denver-IT-SupportAngie earned an BA in Arts & Humanities, and an MS in Finance. Here at LIVE, she controls finances, works with vendors, enters data and talks to clients about billing questions. Angie has lived basically her entire life in Colorado and most of it in Arvada. She met her husband in Ft. Collins during college and they have been married for 25 years.They have 2 grown kids and they are Angie’s greatest joy and pride. She loves spending time with family, just hanging out, and enjoying movies, music, and books.

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