Where’s My Computer? Why Ordering From Your IT Provider Takes a Little Extra Time

Dec 27, 2017Hardware and Software, IT Managed Services

In this day and age of Amazon Prime and Amazon Now and likely-soon-to-be Amazon Magic Teleport, it’s easy to expect the things we purchase to arrive in short order. And while Amazon had carved out an incredible niche, there’s a few important things to understand when ordering hardware through your managed services provider (such as LIVE Consulting).

Customization of Hardware 

The difference between an IT provider, and a site like Amazon, can be broken down in pieces.  For starters, when we order through our specialty vendors (Dell, etc.), we’re often looking for custom-built machines. We shop many of our vendors through separate partners portals not available to the general public, where we have more customizable and robust options, to suit each of our clients accordingly. But this level of customization comes at the cost of time, since they aren’t just sitting on a shelf ready to be shipped, but rather each PC or laptop, etc has to be built to our customers’ demands.

Configuration of Hardware

Secondly, we don’t ship this hardware directly to your business’ doorstep. We have it sent to our offices first so that our engineers and admins can get their hands on it initially. They make sure that everything is configured correctly, conduct set-up and installation as is necessary, and overall quality control to make sure everything seems to be working properly before delivering it to your business.

New Hardware Setup

Which brings us to the third point. We can’t schedule a visit to your site until we’ve assured that things are working properly. Naturally, our tech admins and engineers build part of their week’s schedule ahead of time, or have consistent dates already booked for projects, maintenance, etc. So it may be several more days to a week before the fully configured hardware actually arrives and is set up on site.

hardware time.png

All of these steps are here, however, to assure that you get the highest quality hardware with minimal hiccups in the process. What you get from us ordering on your behalf as well is that we maintain any RMA processes, warranty issues, and more. The idea is to take the stress off your plate when it comes to hardware. It may take a little longer than Amazon, but we’d rather take our time to do things right the first time. You deserve to have things done right. So sit back and relax, we’ve got IT.




Charlie Lowrey

Charlie-Lowery-Denver-IT-SupportCharlie is a native born Coloradan, although he just recently finished up a 5 year stint in Los Angeles, CA. He’s very happy to be back in the Centennial State though, for hiking, biking, camping and just all-around outdoor goodness. Newer to the IT game, he’s always enjoyed problem solving and the tech world.

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