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Why we take a team approach to IT

December 10, 2014 in IT Managed Services, LIVE Consulting Culture and Processes

We often get the question: “What’s up with this team approach thing?”

Well, a few years back, we decided that two or three brains are better than one. Groundbreaking, right? ((sarcasm))

We noticed a problem with the way some IT companies function, in that, most of them assign one tech to each client. This seems fine...until that tech goes on vacation or leaves the company (cue the client panic attack). We saw this as a huge red flag just begging us to try something different, so we did.

Our team approach assigns a group of techs and an engineer to your business, it's that simple. While one tech might show up at your door, the rest of the team is ready to lend a hand if it's needed. We think that just because one of our techs goes on vacation, doesn’t mean your IT should go with them.

Our teams are organized and structured in a way that utilizes each of our employees' abilities and skills to propel our clients and company forward each day.

The approach we have is different, and we like being different.




Live Consulting

Live Consulting

Live Consulting is the complete IT solution for business. Focused on providing IT Managed Services to the Denver market, we provide expert IT planning, support, and delivery to companies desiring streamlined technology and processes. Live Consulting was founded in 2004 around the idea that small and medium sized businesses deserve access to Enterprise level service and technology.

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