Why we think personality matters in the IT world

Jan 13, 2015LIVE Consulting Culture and Processes

When we say “I.T.” what comes to mind?

We usually hear the terms nerd, computer, geek glasses and some reference to less than normal social skills. While that might have been the norm for the tech industry in years past, being tech savvy is not the only quality that should be valued in employees these days.

For us, being an IT professional means so much more than being a computer expert. We know that hiring the best techs means hiring team players with personality who are willing to invest themselves in our clients. Our hiring process is a process because we’re looking for candidates with certain skills and abilities that we know will mesh well with our team and our clients.

Our clients consistently tell us that they appreciate our attention to detail — from the way we solve problems to who we sent to their office and — we think this is extremely important.

Here are a few qualities we look for in our new hires and why we think they’re so valuable.

Team player – Having a team that knows how to work together is key to our operation. If we have know-it-all tech divas, then our team-approach falls apart. We believe in giving our clients the best solutions, and to us, that means bring in a team to solve problems. Sure, one tech may be able to handle the job, but we like to have backup ready for any job.

Honest – We see our hiring process like starting a long-term relationship, of which the basis has to be honesty. Our leadership needs to be able to trust that we’re sending out professionals who will treat our clients like we would, in word and deed. Seeking out techs who behave the same way in the office as they do outside of it is part of the deep-level of honesty we expect from our employees.

Relational – So often people hear the words ‘tech’ or ‘IT’ and they envision individuals with a lack of social skills. However, we strive to swing in the opposite direction of this perception. We love surprising our clients with how friendly and fun our techs are, while still being professional and solving their needs as quickly as possible.

Genuine – We don’t make promises we can’t keep, and we expect the same things from each of our employees. Gathering individuals who are real, honest and genuine makes a work environment extremely different.

Consistent – As a company we strive to be consistent in everything we do, and this is largely driven by our employees. We look for employees who work hard on a daily basis and aren’t afraid to spend a little extra time with a client who needs a little more help. To us, being consistent is what make our clients come back to us for business, and we expect this same level of consistency from our employees.



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